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usbngo 02 Jul 2018

Experiences from the Staff Training of the project ''Youth of the world'' in Bulgaria

Training course "Youth of the World" was a great experience for each participant. As a student in the field of education I gained really useful knowledge about Global Education in action.

usbngo 24 May 2018

''Followers of a long tradition'', Experiences from a Training Course in Portugal

The story has been told by Nikos Davvetas. When in 1945 the allied troops freed Buckewald‘s concentration camp, they found a prison committee in existence which actually operated the camp. A council of French, Belgian, Spaniards, Norwegians, Czechoslovaks and Greeks. When this committee dissolved, and everyone pulled its post-war road, gave an oath. That it will not allow Europe to return to the pre-war era, the years of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and poverty. The vision of united Europe was built on this oath.

usbngo 18 May 2018

The months he stayed '' Portugal as a volunteer was a period full of intense, useful and profound experiences!''

The six months I stayed in Portugal as a volunteer was a period full of intense, useful and profound experiences.

usbngo 18 Apr 2018

''This training gave as the opportunity to develop our skills and to be more active in our local community!'' Training in Cyprus

As volunteers in our country we are active in the piece of youth via organizations who negotiate issues pertaining to intercultural education social discrimination and racism, of human rights, the fight against poverty, etc.

The Erasmus+ gaves us the opportunity to travel to neighbouring Cyprus and participate in the training course with acronym «Hugs4all».

usbngo 20 Dec 2017

"How is the food?" an EVS experience in Turkey vol 6

What everybody asks, after they know you live in Turkey is “ How is the food?”. I can talk forever about the food here, dreamily, excitedly and some times a little disturbed.

My favorite thing about living here is the variety of choices for fast food, traditional fast food, other than burgers fried potatoes and onion rings. The fast food changes from city to city, so i am going to talk about Ankara with some choice extras that deserve to be tasted.

usbngo 11 Dec 2017

''When hard work is being awarded, what a feeling…'' An EVS experience in Turkey, vol 5

For the Year 2016-2017 everybody in Tufak, my hosting EVS organization, has been waiting for one thing. The İnternational Folklore Festival "Swiat pod Kyczera" in Poland. The training started in late September. The paperwork preparation started from January. The weeks before their departure for Poland were hectic. But hard work and dedication lead to an amazing experience there in Poland. The feeling of participating in an International Folklore festival everybody said needs to be experienced.

usbngo 14 Nov 2017

ACT - Training Seminar

This past week, myself and the other members of the ACT project as well as Mafalda, a member of EVS team of USB, took part in a four day training exercise orchestrated by our USB team and held at the old FIX factory. These seminars were part of preparing ourselves for work on the frontlines of the refugee crisis in Northern Greece. The four days covered teambuilding and what to expect from working with refugees as well as basic photography and videography training.

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