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Bellow you will find more information about the experience of Adult Mobility in United Societies of Balkans.

Work Environment

The trainee will have the chance to work in a professional environment with experience in regards to youth activities, trainings and projects dealing with social issues, human rights, civil rights, researches, media production (web-tv, web-radio and e-magazine).

Activities Offered

United Societies of Balkans can provide to Staff/Learners both Structured Courses/Trainings or a Job Shadowing/Observation period in the Organization mostly based on the topics it deals in the its daily work. Furthermore United Societies of Balkans it’s open to suggestions for new proposal over topics that will have a strong relation with the mission of the Organization.

Here some activities that can be offered:

  • Create social campaigns through e-media, video making or radio shows production and broadcast.
  • Creating/Managing a database for funds and new chances for funding.
  • Organizing local activities for youth.
  • Facilitating youth exchanges and training courses.
  • Participating to researches for youth policy.
  • Participating to Training Courses offered by professionals of the various specific sector.

Project Duration:

1 or 2 Years

Activity Duration:

From 2 days to 2 Months (it depends on which programme)

Profile of the Participant

United Societies of Balkans is looking for trainees with preferable experience and familiarity in human rights and active citizenship activities, having a passion for new media and willing to be actively involved in social campaigns and all the other actions that concerns the main NGOs’ field of work.

The trainee should have a very good level in English language in speaking and also writing. The knowledge of a second foreign language is optional.

Since the work environment is young but still with a growing will to find a mutual enriching spirit, United Societies of Balkans wish to find people with few specific skills that concern the daily job they are going to perform.

Those skills we refer to, are mainly: time management, leadership, teamwork, and self-motivation. A slice related to soft skills such as communication, language and social skills (interaction, active listening and active speaking) of course will be taken into account in the evaluation of the profile.

The trainee should have a good pc literacy and knowledge of Office XP package. Knowledge of other software programs is an asset. We also consider as essentatial, for the trainee, to have previous voluntary experiences in an organization in his/her country or abroad.

Of course it goes without saying that the project itself requires a high level of independence, maturity and will to share.

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Adult Mobility

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