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''Followers of a long tradition'', Experiences from a Training Course in Portugal

usbngo 24 May 2018

The story has been told by Nikos Davvetas. When in 1945 the allied troops freed Buckewald‘s concentration camp, they found a prison committee in existence which actually operated the camp. A council of French, Belgian, Spaniards, Norwegians, Czechoslovaks and Greeks. When this committee dissolved, and everyone pulled its post-war road, gave an oath. That it will not allow Europe to return to the pre-war era, the years of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and poverty. The vision of united Europe was built on this oath. Its initiators, the people who founded the Coal and Steel Community, did not think of an economic enterprise but the belief of a political unity.

The young meeting in the framework of European programs, they are ‘’followers’’ of this tradition, even if they are not aware of it. Followers of the cooperation and respect, born on the ruins of the Second World War. Like you who found yourself in Portugal to talk about facilitation. You started with 23 others from scratch. From zero point, as modern historians mention the time of the conquest of Berlin and beyond. The bus has led you to the Portuguese hinterland and to the preset appointment. The 7 days of the program started counting upon arrival.

First contact, cowardly greetings and acquaintances. Embarrassed glances between strangers slowly sweetened. Balloons of fear and goals for the program. The signature of our contract in order to work better these days. And with all this, the atmosphere slowly began to warm-up in the warmest region of Portugal, Beja.  We have told a participant the three events that have set us up so far. We spoke frankly to someone unknown, without suppressing feelings as it happens to our nearby people. It was the time when the superficial differences gave their position to the primordial divine unity.

Our night we found full of a sweet fatigue in Cervejeria of Antonio Cavaco, drinking Sagres like the old citizen of  Alentejo and discussing our ridiculous troubles. About us, our future and our European family.

And the program was running incessantly. Exercises, concerns and movement have led us to a rhythm. In each action, working with different people. In their eyes, the image of ourselves was mirrored and not the image that others have for us, and to a great extent it defines us.

Workshop on how to prepare a speech, what to improve and how to avoid stress. How to see an opinion from a Specific Viewpoint. After the theory, the practice. Preparation of our own workshops in groups of three people. Discussions, concerns and feedback. All this ended surrounded with festive fireworks in the central square of the city. Portugal celebrated the anniversary of the Garnish and we the end of the program.

And if Andrey's phrase "Erasmus + is an nursery school for adults " seemed strange to you, by looking at it calmly you can only agree. Because for what you experienced only one impulse of childhood and metaphysics may as well be the host. All this could only be joined in an incredible mosaic by toddler fun. Both tall and tight, the Holy Trinity of the organizers is worth at least congratulations, the children of Check In. But also to the participants for all that they supported for the program to become alive.

Because Europe is the composition of the different. The freshness of the 18 year old, Paulina and Lujza, next to Luigi's dreams. The active participation of Julia and the maturity of Angela. The idea which will occur by talking with Simone during the break, having Francesca’s cigarette next to Isaque’s coffee. The cool style of Vasiliki next to intellectual Rauno. Lorini’s criticism with a glance, Jasna’s apt comment and Katia’s big hug. Roselynd's smile of gratitude and the eyes of Edite. These tired eyes that are always looking for something in life. But Europe is also the generous heart of all its people. As it hosted Lerio from Mozambique, in whose speech/wording one can meet Ancient Greece and the enlightenment, the pillars of European construction.

You left optimistic from the western edge of Europe. Yes, you were really grateful, even though that word lost its meaning when you said it over and over again during the program evaluation. ‘’Old’’ Europe has nothing to fear with such a prosperous, powerful new generation. A democracy of spirit is cultivated with these Erasmus + meetings in every corner of the world. The human spirit will continue its most amazing adventure as it has been doing for twenty centuries. All participants are followers of this long tradition, even if they do not know it and consider this title too heavy to carry.

Such actions will help young people find their way. Finding what they want, setting it as a goal and moving forward with great strides and without distractions. And if they encounter obstacles and stones on their way, they should push the wall by testing their strength. Having in mind Camu's words. How their struggle has the certainty of victory because it has the insistence of the springs. "No retreat in Battle" as aptly summed up by Lerio a fine April afternoon ...



Τo παραπάνω άρθρo ανοίκει στo Δημήτρη Μακρίδη μέλος της ομάδας που ταξίδεψε στη Πορτογαλία για το σχέδιο κατάρτισης "FACE 2.0'', που έλαβε χώρα στις 17-25/04/2018. Το σχέδιο κατάρτισης χρηματοδοτήθηκε από το Ευρωπαικό πρόγραμμα Erasmus+.

''Followers of a long tradition'', Experiences from a Training Course in Portugal
''Followers of a long tradition'', Experiences from a Training Course in Portugal
''Followers of a long tradition'', Experiences from a Training Course in Portugal


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