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Getting the job – Useful tips to improve your chances to find a job

usbngo 27 Nov 2018

Getting the job – Useful tips to improve your chances

After school or university every person is likely to face the same situation: the job search starts. This period can be for most of the young people stressful and frightening, because it is the biggest step into an independent life. Still, you can increase your chances of finding quickly a job that fits your interests and skills. The following tips can help you to orientate and motivate while looking for a job.


TIP #1: Hands on – be active and take initiative

It is not probable that the best job comes to you by accident. If you want to find a proper job, YOU have to take the initiative. Following these three steps can get you closer to your dream job.

1. Always update your CV. Like this, you have it suitable for any application even when you didn’t plan to apply. It takes little time to update your CV, but could get you the job in last minute.

2. Make yourself visible. In times of Social Media and online networks you should consider these tools to look for a job. The online channels can increase your chance of finding a job.

3. Define your strategy. This means that you should put more variables into account when looking for a job. What is your plan if a job opportunity fails? According to which criteria do you select a job? The clearer you have a strategy in your mind, the easier it will be to locate yourself in the job market.


TIP #2: Alternative ways to find a job

As mentioned above, Social Media and online platforms become increasingly important in the job market. There are also other ways to find a job:

1. Network. Networking is probably the most efficient when applying for a job. Maybe some of your friends or former colleagues know in their work about an open position. Be attentive and present your interest and motivation, if someone in your network talks about job opportunities.

2. Use online networks. As already mentioned, websites such as LinkedIn, are made for networking in the job market. Update your profile and improve your connections.

3. Simply ask! Sometimes it pays off to directly go into the company to present yourself and leave your CV. Like this, you show true interest as you put in the effort to meet the people face-to-face.


TIP #3: In the job interview

Once you get an invitation for a job interview, your chances are already bigger to get the job. These tips help you to perform at your best during the job interview.

1. Prepare. The preparation of your job interview is the minimum you have to do in order to increase your chance to be employed. Think about possible questions from the HR manager. Have for yourself your story and motivation ready and also practice how to answer to questions, which you didn’t see coming. It is also important, that you prepare questions for the employer, as this shows interest in the job.

2. Stay professional. Remind yourself that you are in a professional environment. This doesn’t mean, that you should be only serious or impersonal, but keep in mind that you present your skills and competences. Practice your body language, chose a fitting outfit and be in a good mood when entering the job interview.


These tips are only small ones, but effective when it comes to finding a job. Which tips do you have? Let us know about it!



Written by Jenny Thäil for the KA2 project Workpetence. 


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