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"How is the food?" an EVS experience in Turkey vol 6

usbngo 20 Dec 2017

What everybody asks, after they know you live in Turkey is “ How is the food?”. I can talk forever about the food here, dreamily, excitedly and some times a little disturbed.

My favorite thing about living here is the variety of choices for fast food, traditional fast food, other than burgers fried potatoes and onion rings. The fast food changes from city to city, so i am going to talk about Ankara with some choice extras that deserve to be tasted.

Soups are served here all day every day, for breakfast, lunch and diner, with vegetables or meat in a variety that seems endless. A soup is what some people start their day with and how every meal starts. It is being sold everywhere.

The meat in fast food is usualy beef but everything of the following has a chicken cheaper version. Doner, which is beef grilled on a large skewer, sliced very thin served either wrapped with lavas bread and onions or as a portion with rice. When it has a special spicy tomato sauce and potatoes it becomes Hatay durum. When it’s drenched with tomato sauce and hot butter sitting on small pieces of pita bread and with a side of yogurt it’s called iskender.

In between soft white bread either you can find sucuk, the turkish sausage cured with spices or meatballs. When the meatball has special spices its Adana kebap. When adana kebap is wrapped in lavas covered with a special tomato sauce and a side of yogurt it’s beyti kebap.

A hot baked potato never was something to die for, in Turkey things are different. Mixed with butter and cheese and extra olives, corn, chicken or sausage and some sauces the potato transforms to kumpir, a must have here.

The turkish pizza is called pide, a dough covered with cheese and different toppings. When its closed and covered with butter its pide from the Black Sea region. A thin layer of dough covered with minced meat spices and herbs is lahmacun.

Street sellers offer soft white bread with fish or kokorec, lamb intestines wrapped around lamb organs. Very popular in every corner are mussels filled with rice referred to as “midye dolma”.

Turkey also offers a variety of beverages first and foremost the turkish black tea, which is everywhere, when you enter a house or a shop, after a meal. During the day the special tea pots burn away. Tea is the traditional drink that everybody gets used to it and if left unattended can grow into a habbit.

Some specials are ayran, yogurt with water and salt, salgam fermented black carrot juice, and the seasonal for winter salep, a drink from orchidae flowers and boza a fermented milk beverage that goes with roasted cheakpees and cinnammon.

And of course turkish coffee with the amazing turkish delight that comes next to it. Dibek coffee is an ottoman mixture of many spices, like turkish coffee but with a sweet kick, for me it’s unique. As for Turkish delight, it comes in many flavors and gourmet shops here, create masterpieces but my personal favorite is double roasted pistachio Turkish delight covered with dark chocolate.

The desserts can certainly not be described, they need to be tasted. The syrupy ones like baklava or kunefe with bubbly surup and nuts, or the milky ones like kazandibi, tavukgogsu, or the traditional rice pudding sutlac and many different puddings  that are different experiences.

Many special turkish food were left out from here. Turkey is a big country with diverse cousine according to regions and their influences. And food is a personal taste. This article is what i make my friends try when they visit me here.

Taste for yourself if you are lucky.

We certainly are.


Τo άρθρo ανοίκει στη Μαρία Γεωργίου που συμμετείχε σε πρόγραμμα Ευρωπαικής Εθελοντικής Υπηρεσίας (E.V.S.) στη Τουρκία. Το πρόγραμμα αυτό χρηματοδοτήθηκε από το Ευρωπαϊκό πρόγραμμα Erasmus+.


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