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My experience in “ Digitalise it” project in Strasbourg

usbngo 07 Aug 2018

On the 1st of July, Konstantinos and I arrived in Strasbourg, where we were welcomed by Emmeline, one of the coordinators of “Digitalise it” who kept us warm company during the entire programme. In the duration of the 10 days of the programme, we were hosted at the Foyer de l’ Etudiant Catholique (F.E.C.), a students’ residence, which was located in the center of Strasbourg. Right because it constitutes a students’ residence, it created an intense atmosphere of warmth and companionship as each single day and night we used to gather there all together and to meet new people as well. Three full meals and two coffee breaks were served every day, so we had no time at all to get hungry.

The group of this project was composed of 10 participants from Bulgaria, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Greece. We got really close to each other from the first days and lots of unique friendships have been developed. I feel more than grateful that I met each one of the participants, with many of who I am still in contact through social media in an almost daily basis. That is a big life-gift!  Except for the 10 participants, really important part of the training course were Leo, who was the trainer, Emmeline, one of the coordinators as it was said before,  Margaux, the photographer of the group, and Veronica, another coordinator of the programme. Without the above-mentioned people, this project would be without substance, as they were very helpful and eager not only to help us with everything we needed, but also to guide us in every step we made in this project.

On the first day, we introduced ourselves and did lots of activities together, which really helped us break the ice. In this procedure, the intercultural dinner we had, in which we exchanged thoughts and ideas except for flavors, was very helpful as well. On the 2nd day, the learning part- both theoretical and practical- started. We learnt the methodology of how to write a script in order to create a story, how a sum of specific photos can tell us a story and how the combination of photos, movement and sound, which is what a video constitutes, contribute the most to the creation of a story. In addition, we were taught how to use a professional camera and what kind of shots are the most appropriate in each occasion. The most interesting part is that we had to use all these information in order to make our own story. We wrote the script of a personal story of our life, we recorded it, we filmed it and we edited it. It was very productive, but, at the same time, very entertaining procedure. In all parts, we had the help of each other and of course, the help of the trainer and the coordinators. Their support was really meaningful! On the last day, we watched the story of each participant. It was very special day, because through sharing our stories we realized how creative we can all be and that every each of us has been confronted in life with his/her own difficulties, which made us who we are now. This part was honestly very touching and made us also realize that we are all vulnerable, but strong at the same time, that we are all different, but simultaneously so same!

Through the particular project, I practiced English very much, I improved not only my digital skills, but also my communication skills, since I got more familiar with the  team spirit, cooperation and mutual respect and understanding. Although it was heartbreaking to say goodbye to each other in the last evening, this experience was definitely unique and unforgettable. I can only be grateful that I was part of it and thankful to Y-E-N and to United Societies of Balkans, that gave me the chance to experience something like that. I cannot describe with words my gratitude to these organizations. Thank you a lot, guys, for your actions and for the opportunities you give to young people to raise their voice! Thank you!



Τo παραπάνω άρθρo ανοίκει στο μέλος της ομάδας Φανή Πλούμη που ταξίδεψε στο Στρασβούργο της Γαλλίας για το σχέδιο κατάρτισης "Digitalise it'', που έλαβε χώρα στις 02-11/07/2018. Το σχέδιο κατάρτισης χρηματοδοτήθηκε από το Ευρωπαικό πρόγραμμα Erasmus+.

My experience in “ Digitalise it” project in Strasbourg
My experience in “ Digitalise it” project in Strasbourg
My experience in “ Digitalise it” project in Strasbourg


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