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Seminar under the project ''Youth of the World: the transformative power of global education'' at Bulgaria

usbngo 31 Oct 2018

Can we act locally and effect globally? Can we talk globally and mean locally? This was the question and the main aim of our project: Youth of the World: the transformative power of global education was the main issue dealt with in the various phases of the project: meetings, research, training, exchange of good practices, toolkits and finally the future Blended Mobility, a mixed exchange between virtual and physical.

One of the crucial phases was the training in Sofia, Bulgaria a few months ago.

Global Education is not only referred to knowledge about key issues such as human rights or sustainable future, but also to a personal attitude that is developed day by day, constantly becoming aware on what happens around us and how much impact we can have in a whole with our small actions.

From May 17 to 21, 2018 the staff training event "Youth of the World: Transformative Power of Global Education" took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, with 6 country presence Cyprus, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Ireland and Greece

The activity was attended by 24 youth workers, educators and staff of youth associations and education organizations from Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece.

The aim of the project was to disseminate global education to the members of the various organizations involved in the project and their local stakeholders, as well as to experiment the toolkit realized in the first phase of the "Youth of the World" project.

The first phase of the training saw the participants deepen the theme of the definition of global education in the youth sector and some specific techniques for carrying out activities that explore the concept of interdependence between phenomena, one of the pillars of global education.

Another important issue addressed were the steps to organize an activity with young people, in addition to those already provided by the project, so as to make the participants able to adapt the proposed material to the needs of their own beneficiaries.

During the second training phase, youth workers from the project partner countries participated in activities whose main objective was to promote and to try out a preliminary version of the toolkit which is one the main outcomes of the whole project. YoW is a project focused on inclusive non-formal education methods to boost skills of youth workers and those working with young people from different social & cultural backgrounds.

This phase was very important, because it allowed you partners to gather all the useful elements to make the project toolkit more effective, for example:

- more engaging graphic solutions;

- more visual elements;

- to report possible alternatives;

- insert suggestions or methodological details.

The training proved to be particularly significant in order to tighten an even closer relationship between the partners and their members, in fact there was the possibility of verifying and improving the performance of some activities, an important premise for successfully carrying out the project actions.

The aim of the project is to share the best practices of the use of Global Education & Global Perspectives involving young people, youth organizations and other stakeholders in order to spread awareness on the topic and stimulate the creation of new Global Education Strategies in project partner countries and in Europe in general. See you in out next training mobility in November[1].

Some photos of the transformative power of Global Education to be highlighted- during our amazing staff training in Sofia, Bulgaria!

That was a really creative and informative day! Go Global Education!!


More info here, here and here.




Το πρόγραμμα χρηματοδοτήθηκε από το Ευρωπαικό πρόγραμμα Erasmus+.


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