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Transnational Partners Meeting in Prilep - Workpetence

usbngo 04 Dec 2018

From 20th to 22nd of November the partners of the Workpetence project were meeting for a Transnational Partners Meeting in Prilep, FYROM. This project wants to tackle youth unemployment and therefore will provide youth workers with the needed skills and competences. Workpetence works on the topics of youth unemployment, career guidance and labour market issues in order to create fitting tools for youth workers. The youth workers can support young people aged 15 – 29 years old in NEET situation with the intellectual outcomes by Workpetence. A special focus is given to the youth of Greece, FYROM and Croatia.

The Youth Council Prilep hosted the partners United Societies of Balkans from Greece and Alfa Albona from Croatia. During the transnational project meeting the 3 partners discussed in general the further development of the project. The focus of this meeting was on the first intellectual output, which will be an online tool to develop the skills of youth workers. Besides that, the partners discussed the dissemination strategy and which responsibilities each partner fulfils. A dissemination meeting will be held in Skopje in February 2019 and the final conference will be in summer in Croatia.  




Written by Jenny Thäil for the KA2 project Workpetence. 

Transnational Partners Meeting in Prilep - Workpetence


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