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EVS Hosting

‘Balkan Hot Spot’ Programme deals with the service of volunteers coming from member-countries of the EVS Programme. This is a project which is already running in the office of our organisation since 2009, consists of 3 main tasks:

 1) A place where one can find material on Balkan countries, such as books written by Balkan and east-European writers, historic and photo albums as well as brochures from Balkan cities . The library has over 2300 books covers different topics and interests. There are thematic seminars by the title “Balkanizater” where there is presentation of the culture of Balkan countries. 

2) Web Media. E-radio, E-magazine ("Balkan Beats») and an E-television, with the main contribution of our volunteers. ( Through the e-radio and the e-journal, the volunteers in cooperation with the youth of the local society and of the other volunteers of our organisation will have the opportunity to create a space of free expression and communication of young people, always within the context of the subjects, the principles and the goals of the Programme “Erasmus Plus”. More details you can find if you visit and

3) Personal project. With the support of an experienced mentor, there is a concrete personal development plan, through it each volunteer is building her/his personality and creates a life plan. In order this to be achieved there is the opportunity to develop a project of her/his interest with the support of the organisation.

  The recruitment of the participants is based on the motivation of the volunteer. There is no priority need, the knowledge of programmes on media, as we will provide seminars on these. Good knowledge of English for the safety of the volunteers is the only important thing, without this turning into an obstacle if there is strong interest to join the project.

 Do you want to do your service with us? Here are your choices

1) You will sent your CV, motivation letter and the contacts of your sending organisation  to and by expressing your interest, your availability and the duration. To this choice our association needs to apply to the Greek National Agency of Erasmus Plus and if it is approved then you can join us!

2) You can find a sending/ coordinating organisation from your country that is willing to apply to your national agency of Erasmus Plus and to realize your service to our organisation. Of course before that, you should contact and sent your CV and motivation letter to us as well.


More details of the hosting project in the attached document

Useful links:

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Marika Romeo - Italy

"Ahhh my EVS! It was fest of experiences and knowledge! Don't miss it!" 

Marika was an EVS volunteers in U.S.B. during 2014-2015.

Mariya Eva - Bulgaria

"Don't be afraid! Don't overthink it, take your chances and do EVS!"

Mariya was an EVS volunteers in U.S.B. during 2011-2012 

Sezgi Şahin - Turkey

"My EVS experience was one of my best periods of my life. Thanks to it, I realised my dreams and developed my personal and my proffessional life. " 


EVS in U.S.B. 2011-2012. Now Sezgi is working for Twitter.

Active Program

We are searching for one person from Romania and one from Croatia (age 18 - 30) for a 10 months EVS project in Thessaloniki, Greece

Completed Program

Call for 6 EVS volunteers from Bulgaria and Croatia

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