Youth and Media for the Envorinment

Youth and Media for the Envorinment

Erasmus+ European Voluntary programmes

Youth and Media for the Environment (YME), is a project that involves 7 young volunteers from Italy, North Macedonia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal in activities aiming to protect the environment through direct action and media campaigning.

The project involved two hosting organizations active for the environment: Callisto, an environmental organization that works on studying and protecting the wildlife and United Societies of Balkans, a youth organization based in Thessaloniki, with a lot of experience in the field of European projects.

The participants supported the activities for the protection of the environment and wildlife run by Callisto and developed media campaigns through video-documentaries, social media, podcasts and a special edition of a youth magazine with United Societies of Balkans. During the implementation of the project, the participants were also involved in joint activities such as city and beach cleaning and other events to promote active citizenship for the environment. 

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