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“WEEELABS" project 2015 - 2016

Active Program

WEEELABS is a project funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Strategic Partnership. The main aim is to create a strategic partnership between organizations  from 4 Countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece) with experience in the social field, for working and learning together exploring new opportunities for employability of youth in a situation or at serious risk of exclusion.

The project lasts 2 years and foresees the creation of an interactive map of European stakeholders: schools, universities, social enterprises, WEEE laboratories, RAEE recycling enterprises. This map will be included in the project website which will be officially launched in February 2016.

The map is a way of virtually “bringing together” stakeholders who work with youth and/or with alternatives energies and who wish to give visibility to the project.

The project results will be:

- a study on reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment as a niche market for the creation of social enterprises;

- didactic guide for facilitators of training programs in the use and reuse of waste electrical

and electronic equipment;

- didactic guide for facilitators of soft and transversal skills in the context of non formal


- guide of good practices for the management and implementation of FabLabs adapted reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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