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Balkan (RE) Vision: training course for intercultural understanding!

Completed Program

United Societies of Balkans are organizing the training course “Balkan(RE)vision” which will take place in Kastoria (Greece) for 10 days (26/04 – 5/05/2015) and will bring 32 youth workers together. The Balkan(RE)Vision is an updated version of the previous project “Balkan Vision”, and aims to promote and respect the rights, through non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue.

The participants of “Balkan(RE)vision” are from 10 countries of the Balkans and Europe (Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Croatia and Greece) who are dealing with the promotion of inter-cultural understanding and tolerance and to be familiar with these situations in their home countries.

During 10 days, the participants will be involved into several formal and non-formal education methods of intercultural dialogue and human rights in order to acquire new skills, attitudes and gain new knowledge and experience on how to use these methods in order to break the stereotypes and prejudices among Balkan countries, as well as to deal with human rights and social issues of Balkans such as xenophobia, nationalism, racism, homophobia etc.

At the end of the program the organizations will strive to reinforce the already existent network of partner organizations, which during the years of our organization's operation, have consisted our basic partners as well as to design a new plan of actions in the framework of the new program "Erasmus plus".


Interesting information:

The project will be realized in the city of Kastoria which is located in North West part of Greece. The city consider as one of the most beautiful city of Greece with a great historical background. The name of it comes from the kastores (beavers) that they use to have and making furs. Now they keep working on this field but with other animals.



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