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From Idea to Europe

Active Program

Project “From Idea to Europe” will gather 20 youth workers, social workers and teachers from 10 countries: Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Serbia, Belgium, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy and Germany in order to support and strengthen them to realize their entrepreneurial ideas (on their own or in cooperation). Carefully selected participants will go through 3 educational modules in different countries - Serbia, Greece and Belgium and their entrepreneurial ventures will be mentored and the process filmed and turned into a documentary translated in nine languages. By implementing those ideas they will involve, encourage and educate young people to start their carriers in a proactive manner trough workshop with local youth. 

Dealine for applications 27/03/2016. For more information about the project please visit here. For the application here! 

Participation fee for the whole duration of the project 50 euros.


The project forsees the above trainings

Training in Novi Sad, Serbia (5 day) 01-06 June 2016

MODULE 1 - defining ideas, goals and managing risks in starting a business

At this module participants will bring out the ideas and discuss the risks of being an entrepreneur in their home country. Also, they will learn how to conduct a small-scale market research, followed by a panel and ideas display and selection of best ideas. Teams will be formed, analyse roles and market demands and learn how to create a business plan. All modules will include external speakers - successful businessmen from the community.

Training in Thessaloniki, Greece (5 day) 26-31 August 2016

MODULE 2 – marketing and budgeting

Participants will identify basic marketing principles and define a marketing strategy for their business. Furthermore they will work on their selling and decision-making skills, basic budgeting principles and developing financial plan.

Training in Brussels, Belgium (5 day) October 2016

MODULE 3 - completing, finalizing and presenting business plan

Third module will be organized as an opportunity to finalize business plans, analyze legal requirements and registration offices for self-employment and small business; They will start joint ventures and develop own action plan for the next 6 months, starting from the day following the end of the training. 


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