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"Nubers" and Hate Speech

20 Jan 2015
"Nubers" and Hate Speech

The training course of the project “Nubs&Cakes” that United Societies of Balkans organized was successfully completed on 7-10 of April, in Thessaloniki. The project’s aim was to fight hate speech in online games and it was held in the framework of the campaign NO HATE SPEECH MOVEMENT, the (Council of Europe). During the training, the participants took part in workshops and activities that were carried out by qualified trainers.

The participants, from 18 to 30 + years old, approached the theme of hate speech, the identification of the phenomenon on the Internet and online games, always under the guidance of trainers and through workshops and non-formal education. It is worth to say that before the implementation of the training preparatory meetings were organized. The main purpose of these meetings was to introduce participants to trainers-organizers and to each other, and of course to have a first contact with the theme of the project.

Specifically, during the training, one activity was focused on how to handle a hate speech situation on online games with a positive response. During this activity, participants examined how answering in a positive way to a negative comment could fight hate speech. Moreover, they created a "positive feedback agenda", in which participants filled out freely their own ideas.

Furthermore, participants designed their own "fantastic" characters and with the help of trainers they examined their relationship with these characters. After that, they were divided into two groups and were asked to develop two virtual cultures. The aim of the exercise was to focus on how lack of information could be the reason for the creation of wrong and stereotypical opinions against individuals or social groups.

In addition, the method of living library (Human / Living Library) was used and by the use of ti people were transformed into books and transmit their knowledge to people. Thus, after participants were informed about the process, they tried to apply on gaming and to issues such as gender discrimination, hate speech, addiction to online games.

Finally, a flash mob was organized in the center of the city, in Kamara. Essentially, young people tried to apply the knowledge and experiences that they gained during the previous days of the training and to spread the message that… «Online hate can produce real pain».


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