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Call for 5 participants for the Youth Exchange "D.I.V.A." Diversity In Visual Arts, 11-22/06/2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

Active Program

United Societies of Balkans are giving the chance to 5 people per country (18-25 years old) to participate in the Youth Exchange "Diversity In Visual Arts - DIVA" which has to do with the support of LGBTQI+ rights through art and new media such as photography, radio, theater, drawing. The project will be realized in Thessaloniki during the 6th Thessaloniki Pride from 11 - 22/06/2017.

Application deadeline 25/05/2017.

Full board accomodation and the travel expencess (up to your destination) are covered by the programme Erasmus+. Participation fee 30 euro. 

More information HERE  to choose your workshop HERE. For your application HERE


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Active Program

"Youth Activism Generates Opportunity" which will be realized in Thessaloniki from  10 -18/01/2017 with 52 participants from Greece, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, Romania, Cyprus and France. 


YAGO (Youth Activism Generates Opportunity) is a youth exchange born with
the objective - the same objective shared by the partner organisations - to
motivate and to support the youngsters to be involved in the social community
through the activism in all its form (social- activism, e-activism etc.) and in a
national and international contest explaining them, also, the 20 years
opportunity of the European Voluntary service (EVS). Promote the Active
Citizenship and to fight the juvenile apathy is extremely important especially
because some participants are Refugees, Migrants, belong in a Minority
Culture and came from condition of Geographical disadvantage.
Through the activities of this youth exchange, which will be based on nonformal
education, the participants will learn skills and competences that they
will use in their daily life (work life, university life, free time) in this way we
will create a “activism domino”, they will share their personal experience and
skills to their peers that who in turn will be encouraged to do the same.
Completed Program


Funded by Youth in Action -3.1.2
May 2013

Funded by Youth in Action -3.1.2, May 2013


Completed Program


June 2012

June 2012


Completed Program

Funded by the Youth in Action 3.1.2, October 2012

Completed Program

Funded by Youth in Action 3.1.2, March 2010

Completed Program

Funded by the Youth in Action 3.1.1, January 2014

Youth Voices of Europe
Completed Program

The European youth have a lot to say, in what degree though are they truly heard?

Balkan Hot Spot - EVS project
Completed Program

United Societies of Balkans participate in action 2 of “Youth in Action” program, Voluntary Service, already since 2009.

Are you interest in Eco Culture?
Completed Program

Eco Culture is a Youth Exchange, coordinated by United Societies of Balkans, which aims to raise awareness of ecological consciousness