USB Network

USB Network

USB Network

Our organization, dedicated to the principles and values of cooperation and mutual support, is a member of various civil society networks of organizations at local, national and international level. With these networks, we share the same principles, values and vision for youth and we take part in actions to achieve our goals. Here you can find links to the networks that our organization is a member or has another role.
Anna Lindh Foundation: This is the largest and most recognized network of civil society organizations with a reference space in the Mediterranean. In fact, this is a network with the participation of 42 Member States from the European countries and the countries of North Africa. It deals with intercultural dialogue between Arab and European states, strengthens the ties of these two regions and supports their cooperation on human rights, culture and democracy. Greece has about 170 member organizations in the Foundation's network and our organization is the coordinator of the network.

Youth for Exchange and Understanding: A network of youth organizations, coming from several member states of the Council of Europe. Our organization is a regular member of the network.
Youth Express Network: A network of youth organizations with a lot of action at European level. Our organization is a regular member of the network.
United Against Racism: One of the largest networks of civil society actors, with continuous actions in raising awareness on social issues. Our organization is a regular member of this Network as well.
Forum of European Roma Young People: One of the oldest and most active networks of Roma actors, as well as Roma people on a European level. Our organization due to its Roma executives is a regular member of the network.
Dypall Network
Buterfly Network

Silk Way: A large network of civil society actors from countries through which the silk road passes. A large number of countries from the Far East to Europe, a network of actors implementing actions on social issues. Our organization is a joining member.
Thess Δίκτυο: The informal network of civil society organizations in Thessaloniki, which has been in existence since 2011 and includes 55 formal or informal organizations of the city.

USB networks
After 10 years of operation, the moment has come to realize a great vision of transferring know-how and good practices to other organizations and groups of young people in the Balkans, creating a network of autonomous organizations belonging to the USB network. These organizations were created by volunteers and participants of our programs who wanted to continue the work and vision of our organization in the countries where they came from. You can also support this network or become a member of it.

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