Dissemination Article - Road to Employment

Dissemination Article - Road to Employment

 Dissemination Article - Road to Employment

This project was a motivation to spread our experiences which we gained through ‘’Road to Employment’’, to our local community. We decided to gather with a group of friends from our universities, who were interested about Youth Exchange programs. We met at a local coffee place, and we clarified that Youth Exchanges are not related to university studies, however it is a good opportunity for youngsters to explore new destinations, meet new people, get closer to other cultures and get acquainted with the European identity. Firstly, we learnt how to present ourselves to a professional interview, how to write our personal CV, and apply for Europass. Furthermore, an upcoming business man who has his own successful business, presented to us his business plan and how he built it. After this presentation we learnt how to built our own business, and within teamwork, we tried to make a realistic business plan. Last but not least, we went to Djakovo for job research, we tried to get approved and also convince an employer to hire us. Despite all these amazing workshops, the program was full of alternative activities, which brought us closer. Every day the program was starting with an energetic game which was a pleasure beginning for the day. We played a very interesting quiz game from which we developed our general knowledge. For the first three days each country had presented historical information and cultural data like local food and drinks or local dances. Moreover, we explored Djakovo and we went to at the local Cathedral which is a very important monument for this town and we had a guider who was talking to us about the history and the architecture of the building. Also, we had plenty of time to go for a walk to the beautiful park of Djakovo. Another entertaining activity was walking during the night at Djakovo, and meeting lots of locals. For us Ioanna and Chara, ‘’Road to Employment’’, was an unforgettable experience, as we learnt a lot of new things about employment, but the most important thing is that we met a lot of amazing people from different countries, and even if we have unsimilar habits, we came closer to each other, and we realized that we have more commons than we thought. The abovementioned, helped us to share and exchange a lot of thoughts and ideas with the other participants, we improved our skills on public speaking on English level, we became more open-minded, we got out of our confront zone, we collaborated with each other, and we developed the ability to work as a team. To conclude, going on an exchange is a real chance for personal growth. Each exchange experience is a study into who you are and what you want. The good thing is, going on this journey does not just help you see these new aspects of yourself, but it also gives you the power to both face changes, and make changes.

By Ioanna Papasoulioti-Reizi and Chara Sideri


Erasmus+, CET platforma Croatia


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