EU-VOICE - A European project which aims to support the integration of Third Country Nationals

EU-VOICE - A European project which aims to support the integration of Third Country Nationals

EU-VOICE aims to support the integration of Third Country Nationals (TCN) and to promote exchanges between TCNs and host-country nationals through a 25-days volunteering experience in the cultural sector for 320 people, mainly TCNs, in 5 EU countries with high immigration rates (IT, GR, IE, UK, AT).

United Societies of Balkans have been actively participated in the actions of EU-Voice project from the kick-off of it.

Particularly, recruitment and cultural info days have been organized both at the premises of United Societies of Balkans, but also at the premises of other organizations, which will participate in the project either as sending or as hosting organizations. Moreover, there were also specific meetings, between the responsible ones from United Societies of Balkans and representatives of Cultural Organizations regarding the EU Voice Project. This happened, since there were representatives, who wanted more details as for the whole process of the project and specific information about the 25-days volunteering experience.

Briefly, United Societies of Balkans have been in contact with local institution and stakeholders like Museum of Olympic Games, Noesis, Intersos, Intervolve, UNHCR and even universities like City College of Thessaloniki, so as to make the project known and help to its local and national dissemination.

In addition to this, United Societies of Balkans approached many third country nationals from different countries (Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Kosovo etc) and young Greek people and raised their interest for participating in such an experience.

Finally United Societies of Balkans team has created a Toolkit for Volunteers, which can be used for Third Country Nationals, when they have to participate for the first time in a Volunteering experience in a foreign Country. The Toolkit has different chapters, covering all the areas from how what are the rights and responsibilities of a volunteer till vocational language, when working in a cultural institution.


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