Outward Bound Croatia

Outward Bound Croatia

Outward Bound Croatia

With no doubt, this Erasmus volunteering
experience has changed us a lot. Leaving your home
and your country can prove challenging at times.
The idea of spending time abroad, meet new
people and cultures, work all together and mingle
with them can be sometimes very appealing .
Immersing ourselves in Croatian lifestyle, build
relationships and help the local community were
some parts of our daily life in Gospic.
Especially, giving a hand to Carlos organization and
the preparation of it for disabled people was quite
special and meaningful for us. Furthermore, during
our free days we had the opportunity to explore
beautiful places of Croatia and getting close to
each other. Thanks to everyone who has organized,
volunteered and participated in it, every lesson and
activity was so memorable, funny, intense and
foremost useful.
Andromachi Nikolaidou, 23, Thessaloniki

The Erasmus+ program gave us the chance to
experience unique, special, intense moments.
Moments we didn’t expect to live. Two weeks in a
small village in Croatia, we learnt how to
cooperate and work together, in order to full fill
the everyday small and important tasks. Non
formal educational activities, volunteering work,
language presentations and life lessons were our
everyday life. Living in a wonderful, very well
organized, warm educational centre, in nature, we
had the chance to feel the pace of the village,
enjoy the beautiful place and explore each other
in depth. A combination of a good time, funny
environment, good work, useful skills and lessons.
Konstantinos Mitakidis, 22, Athens


Two amazing weeks passed in a small village of
Croatia, in a house hidden in the woods, living
with 16 different yet wonderful people, volunteers
and facilitators. Being able to connect with each
other by working for the same cause, to share our
passion and feelings, to help other people and
become better individuals. This experience
overpassed every expectation I had when
applying for this ESC. Personally, volunteering for
a new organization for children with disabilities
was the peak of this experience.
Even though we did not have the opportunity to
visit schools because of a strike we interacted
with the local community and what is more, we
had the chance to explore this beautiful country
on our free days. Friendships that last no matter
how far we are now is the result which is of major
importance for me. Everybody should try this at
least once in their lives.
Sophia Chasiridou, 23, Thessaloniki


This volunteering Erasmus programme was
undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Every
part of the project was so interesting and well
organized. We were in a routine that no one wanted
to abandon at the end because every little detail
was very important for us. Even housework was a
part of the teamwork. At the same time, being a
volunteer by helping disabled people and helping
community worked really well for me and made me
feel better as a person. None of us could imagine
how many skills and competences we could gain
not only by volunteering activities but also by
everyday small tasks and little games that we will
never forget. None of us had any idea about how
beautiful and interesting a small village in Croatia
can be. We were in the middle of nowhere but
actually we were in the paradise of nature, full of
trees, animals and fresh air. None of us could expect
that only in two weeks we could be so familiar with
each other and create a family that we will always
have in our hearts.
Lena Polymerou, 18, Athens


The volunteers where chosen by the sending organization
United Societies of Balkans. The organization was created as
a respond to the pressure of constant changes in the Balkan
and Eastern European region and under the need for the
creation of a better social environment. Key areas of the
organization's activities concern the defense of human
rights, the organization of youth exchanges and training
courses, which will bring young people from Balkans and
Europe together, the organization of local educational
seminars and multimedia production, as well as promotion
of volunteerism at local and international level. Finally, a
crucial aim is to inform and raise awareness among young
people on various social issues, as well as to strengthen and
support them in the creation of a healthier and more
integrated, thinking and active citizen.









"There is more in you than you think"
Kurt Hahn, founder of Outward Bound

Member of the Outward Bound International
Network. A leading organisation providing outdoor
experiential learning programs. The main field of
activity is organisation and implementation of
innovative outdoor programs for school children
and youth, with special concern of youth with
fewer opportunities. Our values are: compassion,
integrity, courage, trust and cooperation.
In this project which was held in Veliki Zitnik on
18.11-02.12/2019 volunteers got an amazing
opportunity to learn languages in an enviroment
of non-formal education, while getting out of their
everyday routine and embracing new ways of
learning through active envolvement.
They also took part in community service to help
locals with their everyday needs.


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