EU Voice- Recruitment info days

EU Voice- Recruitment info days

EU Voice- Recruitment info days

In 27/03/2019, a Recruitment Info Day took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, with great participation of Third Country Nationals, eager to learn things about the EU- Voice Project and what is the expected role of them during the running of the activities. The Info Day took place during the day and the topics that have been addressed were multiple, both from the side of the Third Country Nationals and from the side of the youth workers/ tutors, who informed them about the volunteering experience.

In the beginning, the tutors prepared and presented the project to the Third Country Nationals, coming from Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries mainly from Middle East, most of them with a refugee status.

The main points of the presentation and the main questions (answered) were:

1. What is volunteerism?

2. Why is it important to become a volunteer?

3. How does the EU-Voice project is going to work?

4. Who is going to be their tutor and what is the role of a tutor in such a project?

5. What are the skills that they may gain of such a volunteering experience?

6. How could they validate their skills and competencies gained from such a volunteering experience?

7. Are they going to take any certificate from their experience?

8. Which are the volunteering possibilities?

9. Presentation of the museums, libraries, youth organizations, festivals, which are willing to accept volunteers for their activities

10. Presentation of the role that every volunteer will have, depending to the organization, museum, library or festival, in which they will participate.

After the end of the presentation, many questions from almost all the participants in the info-day were posed.

To sum up, the main questionings among the participants were:

1. If someone speaks very little or even no English, how could they participate in such a volunteering experience?

At that point we introduced a series of non-formal activities that can be used from cultural organizations, which are going to host some volunteers with little or no language skills. Of course, with the most of the organizations, we had already discussed such a possibility and they were willing to host them anyway and even be responsible to give them some basic language tools or even try to communicate with them in non-formal ways so as everyone to get the chance to have a volunteering experience as well, and gain skills and competencies in a field relevant to their interests.

But, the most of the potential participants are already speaking some English, which makes it simpler to participate in the activities of the project and to be as efficient as possible in all of them.

2. If someone changes their mind, during their volunteering experience, could they possibly change and participate in another organization/ library/ museum for the 25-days?

For this question, we discussed that we will try to prevent such a thing, by tutoring and mentoring the potential volunteers before they actually start working as volunteers in the organization, which they are going to choose in the beginning. But, if something like this happens, then the volunteer (after communicating with the organization, they work and the tutor) could possibly change and work somewhere else as long as the 25 days will be completed.

3. What is the procedure that should be followed after the recruitment and cultural Info days?

Workshops, seminars and training for cultural volunteering will take place after the selection of the volunteers and the match of their interests with the activities of the cultural organizations that they would like to be involved.

4. Validation and Certificate

After the 25-days volunteering experience is finished, the volunteers will be guided by experienced youth workers to evaluate themselves and get to know how they can assess their skills and competencies, gained from the volunteering experience itself.

5. Overcome of any possible barrier or obstacle

The overcome of any possible barrier or obstacle will be managed with the guidance and help of tutors from United Societies of Balkans, during the whole period of the 25-days volunteering experience.


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