A life experience for Manolis

A life experience for Manolis

I am Manolis  I am 25 years old and I did volunteer work in a farm at the island of la Palma. Through this experience I learned what a farm that targets on being self sufficient needs and I broaden my horizons with knowledge about fire prevention, eco construction, compost and  even on classic agriculture which is  my field of expertise with a hands on approach.

Furthermore through the interaction with other volunteers I learned what it means to live in a community and saw the different perceptions and opinions each of us had and how much we can learn from each other under the circumstances of such a program. Continuing by volunteering at finca Luna I got the opportunity to discover a whole new to me country interact with local people and explore the nature by taking part in activities such as trekking , canoeing and taking day trips throughout the island together with my fellow volunteers and locals that I met there. Moreover I got the chance to start getting familiar with another language I never before had practiced and I think this program gives you the chance to learn a new language even more than just some lessons as you can practice with native speakers a fact that gives you total immersion in the language.

Finally overall my experience with the European solidarity corps program was something that I will remember for the rest of my life and help me become the person I am today by evolving myself individually and as part of a community as well.


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