A different "pandemic" in Canary Islands

A different "pandemic" in Canary Islands

As the Greek team of this amazing youth exchange in Gran Canaria, we would like to look back at these 10 days and write some things about what we experienced there.
Firstly, we started with ice-breaking and team-building games to learn each other's names and get to know everyone. Also, we were informed about the Youthpass and how it can be useful in the future. About the first nights, we had 2 intercultural nights, when each country presented something traditional like food, dances, songs, etc and in this way we acquired knowledge about each other's culture. Concerning the pandemic of Covid-19, we referred to its crisis, how was the situation in each country, how we overcame it and we tried to find real and fake news written in websites.
About our main mission, we were divided in 5 countries depending on 5 animals we had chosen beforehand, which were Anacondas, Blue Dragons, Octopuses, Tasmanian Devils and Sharks. The first task was to create our realistic world taking into account the resources of the countries, like the wealth, the climate, the culture, the health standards etc. After that, a dangerous and resistant bacteria emerged and started spreading really fast through almost everything. For this reason, the 5 countries had to communicate and cooperate with each other and find a common strategy to face up with this bacteria. Finally, after long conversations and mutual concessions, we found the
smartest and best ideas to deal with this situation and eventually we closed with the victory and the celebration of life.
In conclusion, these 10 days were really amazing for all of us, we met a lot of new people from all around the world, we forged real bonds with them and the most important thing is that we learnt new aspects of ourselves. Without any doubts, this journey will be unforgettable!


By Konstantina, Dimitris, Rafail, Foteini & Dionisis


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