Balkans without Boarders

Balkans without Boarders

Balkans without Boarders
Erasmus+ European Voluntary programmes

The project "Balkans without Boarders" dealt with the involvement of 10 youngsters aged 18-30 years old from 5 different countries covering, south, north and central Europe as well as the area of Balkans. The participants worked for 7 months in the organization "United Societies of Balkans" which acted as a coordinating/hosting organization by coordinating the activities of the volunteers.
The youngsters took place in the web radio, TV as well as in the web magazine "Balkan Beats ( Basically supported the organization acting as the journalist of the city by producing information material regarding events and activities taking place in the local community as well as social issues that the young people are facing. The current project was implemented by the organization since 2009 covering almost 10 years of success. Through their volunteering service the youngsters had  the chance to research different aspects of the Erasmus+ program, by contacting interviews, composing articles, audio-visual materials and other means with the aim to collect opinions, views and suggestions that will impact the development of the new cycle of the Erasmus+ program from 2020 and on.

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