Digital Media for Intercultural Dialogue - Digit MID

Digital Media for Intercultural Dialogue - Digit MID

Erasmus+ ΚΑ2

The general aim of the project is to contribute to broaden knowledge and methodologies on how Digital Media can increasingly become a positive tool for young Europeans to develop civic and social skills, and to promote intercultural dialogue.

The specific objective of the project is to carry out an exchange of good practices among the partner organizations, concerning this crucial issue.


In particular:

- 5 Joint Staff Training Events will be carried out in the partner countries, addressed to youth workers of the partner organizations, aimed at exchanging good practices on the topic of intercultural dialogue and Digital Media; each meeting will have a specific focus, depending on the host organization, in order to explore different aspects of the project theme;

- After each meeting the partner organizations will experiment the methodologies learned by carrying out training and animation activities with young people.

Three outputs will also be produced:

- a collection of good practices;

- video materials produced by the young people within the experimentation activities, all related to the theme of intercultural dialogue and Digital Media (a total of 40 videos and 10 podcasts);

- 5 short informative videos about the methodologies shared in the practical exchange meetings.

The project is based on exchange and cooperation between organizations from different European countries. It is in fact a very complex topic, which requires contributions from various contexts and backgrounds. A problem, that of intercultural dialogue and Digital Media, which by its nature has a transnational, European character and requires responses at that level.

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