Diversity In Visual Arts

Diversity In Visual Arts

Diversity In Visual Arts
Erasmus+ ΚΑ1

The youth exchange Diversity In Visual Arts (DIVA) brought to Thessaloniki 55 young people aged 18-25 for 10 days (11-22 / 06/2017) from 10 countries [Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Romania, FYROM and Italy] to discuss, reflect and become aware of the LGBTI + community and its rights. They participated in a series of activities based on non-formal and intercultural learning, come into contact with this community, explored and broke the stereotypes that exist as well as they changed attitudes towards them.

In addition, during the exchange, participants had the opportunity to attend workshops in various art forms (Painting, creative writing, theater) and new technologies (photography, radio and video). The young people who participated were divided into groups according to their interests and worked in parallel in workshops. The aim of these workshops was to encourage young people and young people to develop their imagination, creativity, the know-how and ultimately to make use of them to promote human rights and the widespread awareness of society.

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