Non-Formal Education for NEETs

Non-Formal Education for NEETs

Non-Formal Education for NEETs
Erasmus+ ΚΑ1

The “Non-formal Education for NEETs” proξεψτ provides a unique opportunity to 26 active youth workers, youth leaders and new to active trainers and / or active members - from 10 youth organizations in FYROM, Romania. , Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, Estonia and Turkey — to discover together, how the non formal methodology can strengthen (multiplying activities and responsibilities) vulnerable youth- NEETs, in ways related to employment. The mobility program took place in Thessaloniki, on 23 / 11-03 / 12/18.
The idea of ​​the project was developed by analyzing the needs of 160 young people, who responded to a quiz given to 10 Non-Governmental Partnership Organizations in December 2017. Their needs are related to unemployment and the development of skills in personal and professional level.




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