Act for Inclusion against Marginalization of Roma Youth

Act for Inclusion against Marginalization of Roma Youth

Erasmus+ ΚΑ1

Our project motivation stands both under the EU2020 Strategy that stresses the need to reduce school drop-out rates and to increase the education levels of the European population and “Roma survey – Data in focus Poverty and employment: the situation of Roma in 11 EU Member”,have the lowest NEET rates for young Roma 43 % regarding excluded from employment and education, while almost double in Italy (69 %), Bulgaria 61%, Romania 58%, Greece 62%.,Portgual 53%, as well as under ERASMUS+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy that aims to:

- Create a common understanding of those who may be considered as young people with fewer opportunities and a coherent framework of support for the Erasmus+ programme feature "Equity and Inclusion".

- Increase the commitment to inclusion and diversity from different actors in Erasmus+: Youth in Action.

- Promote Erasmus+: Youth in Action as a tool to work with young people with fewer opportunities and actively reach out to disadvantaged groups.

- Reduce obstacles for young people with fewer opportunities to participate in the programme and help applicants to overcome obstacles,

- Invest in the intercultural and social skills of young people and youth workers as well as their competences to manage and work with diversity in all its forms.

- Increase the recognition of the experience and skills gained by young people with fewer opportunities in Erasmus+ and by the youth workers working with them. 9. Ensure that the focus on inclusion and diversity is present in all stages of Erasmus+.

Our project, with the high quality methodology for empowering 30 youth workers to become facilitators for social inclusion for Roma youth, will make its contribution to the above mentioned Erasmus+ Inclusion and Diversity Strategy as we will address the following difficulties youth ngo and youth workers are facing while taking about approaching Roma youth : Lack of self trust in their facilitation skills to run Roma youth activities, low experience in working with youth with fewer opportunities, prejudices and low level of knowledge about Roma youth.

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