DEMOcratise: ενεργή νεολαία στη χάραξη πολιτικής

DEMOcratise: ενεργή νεολαία στη χάραξη πολιτικής

Erasmus+ ΚΑ3

The project 'DEMOcratise: active youth in policymaking' aims to create the fertile ground and the right tools for effective
dialogue between young people and decision makers through 3 different deepening stages (focus groups, debates and
conference). The project will lead to a new generation of active citizens at local, national and European level. A total of 372
young people and policy makers from 4 cities in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Katerini) will be able to record the
real needs and views of young people, discuss them and finally design appropriate strategies for inclusion of young people in
decision making. Within the framework of the project, proposals will be formulated to strengthen the engagement of young
people in the community. These proposals will be in the form of policy recommendation paper submitted to the 4 central
municipalities of Athens (Athens, Thessaloniki, Katerini, Ioannina) and other neighboring municipalities. This document will
also be accompanied by an action plan outlining the procedures that individual decision-makers and policymakers should
follow in order to be more inclusive towards young people and to formulate their strategies accordingly. At least 128 of the
participants will be young people with fewer opportunities.
Objectives of the project:
1) Enable 266 young people, especially young people with fewer opportunities, to participate actively in civil society through
the activities of the project, encouraging them to continue their involvement in the future, so as to become the next generation
of citizens who will be concerned with the political and social life of their cities
2) Create a policy reccomendation paper, which will address the needs of young people at local and national level, which will
be submitted to municipalities in Greece, as well as an action plan to engage young people in the community, as a measure to
ensure the action of the individual decision-making centers in this direction
3) To create conditions and tools to promote youth engagement in the community, which can be used in future by youth
organizations in Greece and elsewhere, through a 3-stage methodology
4) Promoting European identity and restoring faith in the EU to the young generation, through frustration with European
programs, EU youth goals, etc
5) Get in touch with young people from different parts of Greece (urban centers and districts), exchanging views and sharing
experiences on their involvement in political and social life
6) Through project activities and especially focus groups to map out the real needs and interests of young people, which can
become a reference point for future projects
7) Promote participation in European processes and highlight the benefits of participating in them


A1) Focus groups (9 participants * 5 focus groups * 4 organizations) aiming to crystallize the views, needs and
interests of young people; A2) Debates (4 debates * 32 participants) with the aim of young people and policy makers to be
able to exchange views and discuss topics emerging from focus groups; A3) Two-day Conference (60 participants - 30 from
Thessaloniki, 10 from Athens / Katerini / Ioannina) where young people and policy makers will have the opportunity to
participate in a structured dialogue, to formulate a policy reccomendation paper and action plan, to be informed about
Erasmus + and the opportunities offered and finally to participate in a workshop in which new project will be developed based
on the needs expressed.


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