Erasmus+ ΚΑ1

The Youth Exchange titled Prop@genda (development of an agenda against political propaganda in social media) that will take place in Thessaloniki 2019, will include 35 young people from 6 European Union countries (Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Sweden) and will have as an ultimate goal to raise public awareness of political propaganda in social media and how it can be addressed and avoided. To do so, there will be activities of non-formal education and artistic workshops that will address topics of the existant political propaganda in social network (processing and analysis of such messages), strengthen the European identity of young people, break any prejudices and stereotypes and create an intercultural dialogue on the pathogenesis of propaganda in different countries of the European Union. After a series of activities, social experiments, art workshops and ongoing training on social media, participants will be asked to create a video for the elimination of propaganda from the political scene aimed at any kind of elections national and european and any decision making procedures, which many times are very much connected with aspects of propaganda, coupled with a promotional poster and a flash mob in the city center that will be filmed. Their production will be presented at an event on the last day of the exchange in the center of Thessaloniki organized by the United Societies of Balkans.

At a first and immediate level, participants will acquire practical skills and knowledge about propaganda, the history of propaganda, its depiction of art, and will probably be able to recognize propaganda specimens in political life around and in their countries, or at least to be suspicious of its existence. In addition, they will be able to understand the notion of fake news, what their existence means in social media, and how it can determine whole voting outcomes due to rapid propagation or shape perceptions in a wide range of audiences. In addition, participants will be trained on the use of social media today, the development they have in modern times, the political marketing that is being done with their help and the propaganda that is now largely in them from populist voices on the political stage . They will become familiar with the concept of social media campaign and how it is organized, how it can be successful, and on what political issues it usually does.

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